Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trip tp Boston

We’ve really been looking forward to the next few days. We’re off to visit my brother & his wife in Boston. (I have 3 brothers, I’m the oldest child and he is the next one) While in the area we’re heading to Providence were I went to school. I have such fond memories of my time at R.I.S.D it seems just like yesterday. (Althought the rude awakening is about to arrive I’m sure it’s totally changed!) My brother & his wife both went to Brown while I was in art school so we’re all looking forward to a trip down memory lane. My parents are coming as well so it’s all around family fun!
I plan to post more this weekend with some pics of the trip.


kristina said...

Have a safe and fun trip!! :-D

ellencrimitrent said...

HI Jill you will be in my hood!!! I live only 20 min south of Boston and my dad wanted me to go to RISD so bad but I began as a fashion major so Pratt was a better choice until I changed it to illustration. Plus RISD was too close to home!!!

Have fun its going to be hot on Sunday maybe you can head out to a beach. I live only a short distance from many which I will be going to this weekend!

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Ellen,

How lucky you are to live in the East. I forgot how
much I love the Boston, Providence area as I always
seem to end up in New York. Must be fun & inspiring!