Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I think I’m at my happiest painting patterns. My degree is in textile design & since I was a little girl I have loved pattern. I use to insist on dressing myself mixing my dotted tops with striped pants. (I have photo’s of myself looking like a clown) I paint in gauche small 3 to 4 inch squares of patterns in my sketchbook that come to my mind. It’s puts me in a happy trance. Hope you enjoy!


kristina said...

Beautiful colors and patterns, Jill! Love them! Have a great day! :-D

Sonny said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and just HAVE to tell you that I am blown away by how talented you are! I have two little girls (almost three!) and so I'm always drooling over children's catalogs. Little did I know that all of the things I have loved the most from each of those catalogs was made by the same person- YOU! I've never seen so many things to love! Your work truly embodies the spirit of childhood. I wish you all the success in the world! Just incredible. I'll be checking your blog often. :)

ellencrimitrent said...

I paint in gauche too, and I love these prints!! These days I have been playing more on the computer, isn't it fun we get to play all day!!

Jill McDonald said...

A big thanks to everyone stopping by & leaving comments. I feel a warm and sunny by your kind words.
*Gauche is my favorite it's the only paint I use the
color is just like magic!
Somedays just mixing it all up is my favorite part.