Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A tune-up

We’re getting ready for another print show (Direction in NY) in mid- August. I’ve been working away on lots of fun new things. Today I took some time to rework an old print I had. I often revisit things I’ve made a while ago & it’s fun to see the evolution. With just a little time I can revisit my work with fresh enthusiasm. It’s kind of strange but I think of all my art as my children. I always want them to find a good home.
We’ll see where this one is off too.


Anonymous said...

love the print, my son would love this in his room! where do you sell your prints?

Reine said...

It's nice to see both the "before and after"... they are both good pieces, but you can see that the newest version was pushed into something that's a little more complete I suppose. I love your work! Glad you had a great trip to Boston... that's where I am :)

kristina said...

SO stinkin' cute! Love it! :)

Jill McDonald said...

Thanks for the comments- it's always terrific to hear your feedback! The show we're gearing up for
is for companies to attend & buy prints. They then
put on their products. So it's not open to the public
:( To find my artwork as wall art you can visit
I'm thinking of making some items & selling some
prints of my art on etsy. I'll let everyone know if
I do so. Wish there were more hours in the day!