Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halloween Place Mat available through The Land of Nod

I can't believe it but Halloween is just around the corner.  This became a bit
more evident to me when I saw the Spooky Manor place mat I made for
The Land of Nod up on their site. (
The front can be personalized with the family's last name or with
the name of the child.  
Little goblins & a few critter friends get ready for a night full of ghoulish fun
on the front while the back of the mat has a fun little tossed pumpkin & leaf pattern. Still thinking what my little goblin will be this year.     

*Thanks for the comments on the animal babushkas!  So nice to hear your thoughts.


Steph said...

I just realized I have been the biggest fan of your work for a long time and didn't realize it was all from the same person. I'm so excited to go back and look through all your past blogs. Thanks for sharing some of the behind the scenes, I would love to see more :) Btw, I looove this Halloween placemat--sooo cute!

kristina said...

LOVE that place mat, Jill! You are so talented! Happy Friday to you!! Hugs!