Friday, September 12, 2008

These Animals can COUNT!

Hurray for Friday! Today I thought I’d share a print that mixes animals & numbers. I wanted to play with a palette that didn’t feel too young for such a young concept. I’ve been in to the smoky black or grey ground lately. (makes the color POP) I snuck in a stripe for fun. This was painted, then a little collage work, scanned in cleaned up & worked on a bit more on the computer. As easy as 1, 2, 3.


Jenny said...

This is sooo cute! Is it a textile design or wall art? What did you have in mind for this product when you created it?


kristina said...

LOVE this, Jill! Cute! :) Have a great weekend!

Jill McDonald said...

I made this print with the intention it would be used
on fabric. I stepped it out like it would be in repeat
to show it as a continuos pattern. Think it could
be pretty as a quilt. (in that case I'd just show the
number 1- 9 squares once)

Jenny said...

thanks for answer -- this print is very cute! If it is bought for fabric, do you flatten the colors and separate it into printable layers on the computer so it can be recolored?

Tracey said...

This one is so much fun & makes me very happy. This would make my little guy laugh!

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Jenny,

Sorry it's taken a bit to respond.
I do keep the files of my art in
layers. But sense there are so
many colors chancing the color could
be done but would be time consuming. (it's not color reduced
like a true textile design going into production would be)
I mainly keep the art in layers so it's easy to move the elements around.
Often times the client will have the
art repainted by another studio who
specializes in this or do it in house.
Wow- long response hope it wasn't a