Monday, September 15, 2008

Indigo Show in France

So in just one week Antonio will be showing our collection of work at Indigo in Paris. Sept 23-26 booth number 6Z29. If you’re in the area please stop by we have lots of great new work! I’ll be staying behind with Luca. A long plane ride & 4 full days at a trade show isn’t his kind of thing. Maybe next year!
The print I’m featuring today is a celebration of destinations. Can you think of any others I should
have included?


Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hi I was going to say the UK but I think I've spied a little image of London at the bottom!

Hope Indigo goes really well for you - I'm hoping to sell some work there as well!!

kristina said...

Love it, Jill! What about a guitar for Nashville, TN? We are Music City USA! ;) Hee hee! Have a great Tuesday!

coloredsock said...

nice print Jill. um, istanbul, tokyo, kathmandu? and good luck in France! those shows are just perfect for your work. can't wait to see how it goes for you. so great that Antonio manages it all. wow. how dreamy...

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Colored Sock,

You're back. I am inspired to try
string marigold as you mentioned you
recently have done. Love the look.
Is it difficult to do? Any tricks?
Thanks for the additional locations.
I knew you'd have some great suggestions.

Jill McDonald said...

Hello Little Brown Rabbit,
Please stop by the booth at Indigo
& say Hi to Antonio. He'll be
manning it himself this year but
I'm sure would love a friendly visitor.
Especially the last day. (oh, the last
day can go so slowly sometimes)
Hope it's a great show for everyone!

Tracey said...

This is very great!! I like this styling & color palette quite a bit!