Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Once upon a time!

Antonio is taking our collection of prints to Paris for a show in about a week now. I’ve been trying to round out the work we’ll take with tried & true themes we always sell. So here I am with a new princess print. I thought since it’s going to France the color should be rich & unique. I also thought the girls should be extra stylish with fun Maria Antoinette details. I have to say this one was a joy to make!


kristina said...

SO pretty, Jill!!! :)

Red Fish Circle said...

Hi Jill, welcome to the blogosphere. I met you a few years ago through Michael (my rep) at Surtex.
This princess print is so sweet, I love your pear, cafe, apple train. This is sure to be a hit in Paris!

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Amy, Thanks for the warm welcome & I'm so
pleased you've checked out the site. Love visiting
your blog as well!