Monday, January 27, 2014

ABC with ME!

I am excited to share with you my latest crib bedding collection under the Nojo by Jill McDonald brand "ABC with Me" This collection is available in stores at Buy Buy Baby.  This is the first time I've have crib bedding available at Buy Buy & I am SUPER excited!  I love the variety & range available at this store.

My latest collection is right in my design comfort zone with the Alphabet theme. (I swear I never tire of an adorably decorated alphabet)  Here's a closer view of the comforter.  You get a better feel for the special details.

Here's the original fabric sample that the buyer saw.  Yes, friends to sell things to
a mass market most of the times the original design change.  I wanted to share this to visually explain it's a evolution of changes to get something into the world.  I have to admit that I am 
pleased this really maintained it's basic vision. * I think that's the trick!

This collection is equipped with all you need for a fun, engaging nursery.
(wall decals, changer pad, lamp, wall art, mobile, diaper storage & more)
I wanted it all to coordinate without it feeling too matchy and create more of a 
decorated look.

A few of my favorites... The wall art, the plush characters & icons for the mobile,  and the 
crib sheet.

Here's the wall art, shot on the floor :0
Sorry no fancy photo shoot here!

Above are the super cute plush characters & icon plush items for the mobile.

Me holding the crib sheet.  It's happy & fun!

Ok, & why not the wall decals.  

Again when you design something for the mass market personalization becomes an obstacle.  The alphabet included with the oversized decals allows the customer to personalize the nursery any way they can dream.
This makes me SO happy because let's face it, there is really nothing more personal than having a BABY!  Hope you enjoyed my little show & tell.

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Karen said...

I Love this bedding when will it be available for purchase?