Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An "ABC with Me" Shower

After I make a crib collection I like to think about what kind of baby shower could go with it.
Here are my thoughts for what could go with my ABC with Me collection.

1. pom pom balloons

2. wooden dolls you buy plain & then customize as the happy new family

3. alphabet cookies   psst... you can even personalize the name

4. lots of white with pops of bright color

5. I love the color & when was the last time you jello anyways?

6. napkins with that pop of color

7. a simple, cheeky invite... Ready to pop!

8. colorful, patterned straws because drinks just taste better with them

9. wooden blocks 

*One more shower gift idea I love a first aid kit.
You can always pretty it up- something like this...

Ok, maybe this is because I'm a bit of a worrier but
it is super useful.  

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