Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Peanut Update

Yesterday was the 100 day of kindergarten for Luca.  If you follow the blog you may remember that I was a nervous wreck before school began.  Luca is severely allergic to peanuts & kindergarten presented a new environment that we would have to adjust to.

I am happy to say that so far... so good!  When you have a child with a severe allergy, I have learned that communication becomes the key.  We continue to work with Luca to let him know what he can & can not eat & to be VOCAL about his allergy.
I have also worked to inform everyone in his environment about the allergy & action steps needed.
(I can get a little ridiculous about this one but my motto is... GO shout it from a mountain!)

Taking it one step further.  I join Luca's class for lunch 3 days a week & help with the clean up. (they eat lunch in their room/ no cafeteria)  At first, I have to admit I was a little worried about taking the time out of my schedule.
But, I have been so pleasantly surprised. After almost 6 months helping with lunch, this has become something I really look forward to.  I love seeing his kindergarten community grow & getting to know everyone in his class better.  Most of all it's great to know he's safe!

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