Friday, June 27, 2008

Tea and Cake!

It's around 5:00 p. m. so Tea and Cake sounds appropriate. (and let's not forget Friday!) The Teacups is something I did today. I think is a nice start. I will post it once is done so you can see the complete process.
The Cakes print is an older print that I like. I used it as my company's identity. You can see the cake patterns in my website, business cards, invoices, etc.


kristina said...

Love the teacups and those cakes, too! Your artwork just makes me smile so big! Your cupcake art is one of my favorites! I love cupcakes! :) Happy Weekend to you! :-D

monicalee said...

Jill, it is so great to see your artistic process! How Do you scan something that large!?

Tamlynn said...

I'd love to see the whole process. Very intriguing to me. Love the teacups. Oh, and I love Cascade Fresh yogurt too. lol. My son can eat an entire large container in a day.