Thursday, December 18, 2008

Skating in the City

Today I'm posting my Holiday City scene place mat for The Land of Nod.  It can be personalized ever so subtly in the tree area.  I've not been ice skating yet this year but it's on my winter To Do list.  (that & making homemade marshmallow which I'm planning next week)  Like all my art I've tried my best to pack it full of little areas to get lost in.  


Helen Pickup said...

Hi Jill, i think this is lovely and i love the way you fill it with lots of little details. How long does it take you to do the artwork for something like that?

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Helen, something like the city skate illustration takes about 2 maybe 3 full days to work on. Sometimes it goes quicker if I really hit my stride. Either way though I don't tend to labor over anything to long. I like the spontaneity of keeping it short & sweet.

kristina said...

You are SO creative, Jill! Love all of the details and those colors just make me happy! :)