Monday, December 15, 2008

Studio Christmas Card 2008

So today I'm finishing up what I started.  This is my studio card for 2008.  I wanted to try something a little different this year.  We always take buttons (aka flair) to the shows we exhibit at as a little take away.  People always love it & they go fast.  This year I made an assortment of festive flair & attached four to each card.  I hope it feels like a little surprise just arrived when it's opened.  I went a little overboard with the selection.  One just got better than the next or a new idea would pop up so I ended up with about 30 options.  Would love to hear what are your favorites.


Jennifer DeDonato said...

I really like all of them! I guess if I was walking by and could choose my own flair it would be the ice skate or warm wishes. Those would be wonderful stickers. They are all super.

Genevieve Gail said...

These are all super cute, Jill! I would have to pick the 2 tiny turtles as my fave :)

Helen Pickup said...

Love them all, they are all brilliant!

Frizz said...

It's hard to pick because I love them all!

Turtles, reindeer face, Santa with sleigh and warm wishes would top my ranking.

kristina said...

LOVE the flair, Jill! I want some. ;) I think my favorite is the little houses and the warm wishes, too! ;) I love them all! SO cute! Merry Christmas!!

monicalee said...

Oh! Now that I have read everyone elses...I may have to look again but at first glance...the cup of cocoa and the merry chirstmas with the snow flakes. I like the colors...the white and blue. What a great idea Jill!

Tracey said...

So cute, Jill!
My favorites are:
1. believe in Reindeer
1. the blue one with the cut out trees (row 2, third flair from left)
(it's a tie)
2.warm wishes
3. 9 drummers drumming
4. ice skate + snowflakes was hard to decide because I think they are all pretty great!

: )

Jill McDonald said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! It's a joy to share my work everyone..... Think my favorite is the snowfall village with the brightly colored houses. I could live in that neighborhood.

Joy U said...

Hi, Jill! I love your designs and have been a fan for several years now. I'm partial to the "Joy to the World" design since my name is Joy. :o) Happy holidays to you and thanks so much for sharing your talent here on your blog.