Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where the street have no name Tree skirt

Two years ago I made this tree skirt for The Land of Nod. The terrific thing about projects with them is that the product stays in the catalog several years. (of course as long as it’s selling...) The original City to Country tree skirt was made out of felt, canvas, a little dark denim & solid cotton fabric. It’s basically a giant circle 60” wide. That said I knew I needed to keep it fairly bold & simple to make sure it would be cost effective to produce. I added lots of sowing machine stitches around windows, trees, in the pond, snow & houses to keep it interesting & add texture. We have it around our tree at home & I like switching around the front view depending on my mood. This is available through The Land of Nod, check out the close up on their site were you can easily zoom in to see all the details. So is your tree up yet?

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Tracey said...

..love this Jill! Love how you described Christmas here!
Our tree goes up next weekend (I can't do it alone & P. is out of town) but all other decor will go up this weekend! Yay!