Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Studio Holiday Card 2004

So every year that I've been in business (it'll be 5 years this January) I've made a studio Holiday card to send out to all my clients.  It's always a fun project for me.  My plan is to show each so today I'll start with the the first year- 2004.  I wanted a fun format, I love artist books & struggle with editing so I went with an accordion format.  (that way I could sneak in all my favorites & it feel a little more like a story)  The card was a mix of painted illustration, crayon drawing, a little water color, some digital work & a whole lot of love.  


Laura said...

Love these, Jill! Do you have any holiday cards out on the market this year for purchase (I'd love to get them if so!) Thanks. :)

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Laura, I have holiday cards currently available at cardstore.com. Hope you find something you like!