Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friendly Reminders

Today's post are some funny little animals with some sweet little sayings or important things to remember (as in the case of the alligator who reminds us to brush our teeth 2 x a day- not a bad idea)


inkyblog said...

the pigs are so adorable. your work is just wonderful!

Allaboutem said...

I love the penguin blowing bubbles and the frog and fly! Eeeeee! That's awesome.The colour combinations are beautiful.

kristina proffitt said...

Your work just makes me so happy, Jill!

LOVE those animals! Too cute! Hope you have a happy day! Hugs!

I love that lion having the good hair day and the bunny with lots of scoops of ice cream. Hee hee! ;) Love them all!

Shelley Laming said...

Oh my goodness -- each of those are just so *darling*! I want someone to turn them into stickers so I can buy 10 packs. That way for years to come I can have little icons to make me smile. :) I love your work!