Tuesday, June 4, 2019

We have LIFT OFF!

MOON LANDING is out today!
I'm having a GIVEAWAY- check out my Instagram
page to enter.

This is my most in depth book yet & even though it's for toddlers I
needed a firm understanding of the subject to be able to break it down in an accessible way.
Hours of research, a trip to Kennedy Space Center in Florida
& space footage from the Apollo 11 Mission.
(You can find that on YouTube & it's fascinating to watch.)
Because the Apollo 11 Mission was in 1969 I needed to be
mindful when illustrating keeping the images true to that time.

From learning about these brave astronauts, better understanding the teamwork
& sacrifice it took from so many, I gained a new appreciation for this
remarkable mission full of firsts.

I hope you & your kids find excitement, joy & wonder in this story too.
It really does show you anything is possible!
So dream big, you never know where you maybe able to go.

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