Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Into the golden


We visit Grinter Farm (in Kansas) at the end of each August.  It marks my move from the summer season into the cooler days that fall brings.  A couple things I noticed this visit.

- The flowers follow the sun which makes them look like they're in conversation with one another.

- The leaves are larger than I remember & each has a jagged edge as if it was cut out with pinking shears. (which makes them a little prickly when you brush by)

-The yellow color seems to slightly shift from year to year.  This time the color felt a bit more red/ yellow and golden. (Maybe it has something to do with the sky that day?)


- I also noticed more bees than ever busily buzzing from flower to flower.  This made me happy as I know bees have been threatened by harmful pesticides & climate change.  We need bees they're one of Earth's best pollinators!

My final observation was that despite seeing this for years it still a complete delight for the eyes & spirit!

Have you ever visited or come across a sunflower field?

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Sometimes I silkscreen. (and bake)


Mixing it up by sharing some silkscreen art I made a couple years ago.  As the days begin to get shorter & the temperature starts to shift I feel my thoughts changing.  The transition into fall inspires me to bake more often.

While I'll confess I'm not a terrific baker or even follow a recipe that closely. (which I'm pretty sure is the key)  I do love the smells a bake good fills the house with & what a special treat it is to have something warm & homemade on some of the first couple cold mornings.  Carrot cake bread... here I come!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022


 Calling all party animals... there's a gathering around the sugary cake watering hole.  My son turned 15 today & I'm scratching my head wondering how the time has gone so darn fast!

His dad & I feel so lucky to be alongside him on his journey.  That's something worth celebrating!  

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Summer blues

 I painted an ukulele!


While doing some back to school organizing I found a balsa wood Kiwi Crate ukulele my son put together a couple years ago.  I decided it needed some paint.  The end of summer always makes me feel a little blue so I stuck with that palette.

 Hope you've enjoyed a fun filled refreshing summer!  I know I have. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Introducing... Hello, World! Kids' Guides


Here I am surrounded by sharks ready to share some exciting news!

My new Hello, World! Kids' Guides picture book Exploring Sharks, published by Doubleday Books is now available. This book is for fans of my Hello, World board books who have grown some & are ready for the next step up.
(perfect for ages 3-7)
There’s so much to share about science and nature and I’m thrilled and thankful to continue to grow alongside the curious young readers who have helped make Hello, World! a hit. THANKS!

 Ready to join me for some fascinating, fun space facts?
This is my new Hello, World! Kids’ Guides picture book Exploring the Solar System available today wherever you buy books.  Space is an exciting place with so much still left to learn.  The last couple years have only skyrocketed peoples curiosity.  I feel honored to be able to serve as a tour guide to what lies beyond our planet Earth and take you on a journey of the cosmos!
I hope you add these to your book shelf & enjoy them over & over again!