Monday, January 20, 2020

Artful Rebels

February 1-3 my husband Antonio will be in New York to
exhibit my work at the Artful Rebels show.  This show is going on at the same time as Surtex
(the large surface design show) at the Javits Center.  The Artful Rebels show is a more intimate gathering at Shop Studio- 528 W39th St on the 3rd floor. (just a few blocks from the Javits)

I won't be at the show this time- no surprise but, NYC is no treat in February!
Antonio & I have a son who needs someone to stay home & frankly I'm 
exhausted from months of pushing too hard.  This January marked 17 years of me
& my small business so,  at this point I feel less guilty not trying to do it all!

The way I've been able to grow my business over the years is dipping my efforts
into a little bit of everything.  Trade shows, commissions, fabric collections, wall art, gift lines I create & license, children's books.  It's all been a good way to keep growing & keep making money but, sometimes it makes my head spin.

A short break is needed & hopefully it's on the horizon!

*My break will NOT involve hot air balloons- which I like to draw
but would never willingly get in.

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