Sunday, March 22, 2020

Gathering beauty

Inspired by some flowers I gathered on a walk.
I'm getting over a sinus infection. (not a good time to get sick for an over thinker-3 more days of antibiotics & hopefully it has done the trick)
I needed a little lift yesterday so, I went on a walk & it didn't disappoint.
Things are really beginning to green & pops of color
stick out like little jewels for the eye & spirit.

I'm leaning into ways I can be gently with myself as we all navigate the unknown.
This is something I needed to prioritize anyhow but, times like these 
brings it to the immediate forefront.

Hope you're finding ways to manage stress, uncertainty, new routines & still finding ways to laugh, connect & notice beauty that I promise hasn't left us!

< < < < Hang in there. > > > >

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