Monday, December 6, 2021




 Being an artists you end up making so many different things for others but, very often don't take the time to make something special for yourself.  This year I decided to make a tree skirt for under our tree.  I wanted something bold, but with limited color & lots of animals all around.  I immediately thought of otomi textiles. Minus the rainbow palette... Don't get me wrong– I love a rainbow but, not right for what I had in mind this time.

To save some frustration ( Have you ever tried to sew a circle?)  I purchased a plain cream tree skirt from West Elm to use as the base.  I found some nice black felt. (It takes some looking but you can find beautiful felt that doesn't feel completely synthetic.) I started cutting out animals that came to mind... reindeer, a fox, a hare, some birds & why not butterflies?

 I tacked everything down with glue & each night would stitch on 4 to 5 different silhouettes. As you can imagine– it took some time but, I'm happy with the end result! (Sophie likes it too:)

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