Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Introducing... Hello, World! Kids' Guides


Here I am surrounded by sharks ready to share some exciting news!

My new Hello, World! Kids' Guides picture book Exploring Sharks, published by Doubleday Books is now available. This book is for fans of my Hello, World board books who have grown some & are ready for the next step up.
(perfect for ages 3-7)
There’s so much to share about science and nature and I’m thrilled and thankful to continue to grow alongside the curious young readers who have helped make Hello, World! a hit. THANKS!

 Ready to join me for some fascinating, fun space facts?
This is my new Hello, World! Kids’ Guides picture book Exploring the Solar System available today wherever you buy books.  Space is an exciting place with so much still left to learn.  The last couple years have only skyrocketed peoples curiosity.  I feel honored to be able to serve as a tour guide to what lies beyond our planet Earth and take you on a journey of the cosmos!
I hope you add these to your book shelf & enjoy them over & over again!


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